Timing Devices
As the world’s largest supplier of timing devices, Epson offers a broad portfolio of crystals, oscillators, and real-time-clock (RTC) products for a variety of consumer, mobile, networking, storage, and industrial markets.

Sensing Devices
Epson offers a variety of high-precision gyroscopic sensors, six-DOF combination sensors with gyroscopic sensors on three axes & a triaxial accelerometer, pressure sensors and miniature sensors that use crystal elements to accurately detect temperature

Offering power efficient products and reference designs for ePaper and LCD display applications and devices for healthcare, fitness and energy control solutions.

Sensing Solutions
Epson offers a variety of high-performance IMU’s. These products provide very low power consumption and world-smallest class size. We also offer high-performance Accelerometers that support high dynamic range, low drift, digital output and 3.3V power supply.

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