Ericsson BMR465 series


This is a great product and I would like to share with you a bit of what we are doing to make this launch successful.


Below is a short explanation of the press release and attached are two pictures to go with (a 4X3 version for your PowerPoint and a 16X9 for screen (do not hesitate to use it as wallpaper)).



Press Release and highlights, explanatory note:


Major product milestone on the journey to the Software-Defined Power Architecture

We are working on an article and will present more in detail what is Software-Defined Power Architecture but for your information, system architects are now considering what is and will be needed by future telecom equipment to match 5G energy efficiency requirement but; as well in datacenter and high-end routers where power management are becoming more important.


By positioning BMR465 to be part of the Software-Defined Power Architecture, we show our leadership, reflecting our investment in new technologies helping our customers to make their equipment more efficient but as well, ready for the future.


90A dual-phase point-of-load DC/DC converter is easy to parallel, delivering up to 360A

In the press release we highlight BMR465 paralleling ability, enabling up to 360A.

This is a very important parameter, especially when knowing that, at this point of time, lower current 80A presented at Electronica do not support paralleling.


Compensation-free technology guarantees all-time-high performance

With the best use of the new technology developed by the IC manufacturer, we guarantee users that performance always high.

We will not disclose too much of what is behind but we position BMR465 and the most advanced digital power point-of-load with best response to load transient.